Cheap Computers For Students

Cheap Computers For StudentsTo ensure you get the most for your money its best to shop on the internet and use price comparison websites to get the best deal. There are huge savings to be made and its always worth asking if a company gives student discounts as its not always advertised.

For laptops, Dell is the UK’s leading direct online computer retailer with regular online offers, or if you want a choice of a variety of brands then try Laptops Direct, they have been trading online for over 8 years and John Lewis are competitively priced and are happy to give money tips to students in terms of buying the right laptop.

Apple offer a student discount through their Education Store online in case their stylish range tempts you. The same discount applies to iPod or and computer accessories and there is free shipping on purchases over 76. When you are on the Apple site the discount will not jump out at you immediately, so type in the search section ‘apple student discount’ and it will take you to the relevant page where you will need to fill in your name and university details. The amount of money that you can get off is dependent on the product that you wish to purchase, but on average it’s around 12-14%.

If you can’t afford to buy a computer brand new then there are plenty of other options and online money saving websites will offer great tips for students. Check your university bulletins and online forums for fellow students who want to sell an old computer or laptop or you could always use a second hand shop website such as eBay to find what you are looking for at the right price – however if you are buying 2nd hand make sure you have done all your research or ask to test it first. If you are buying from the internet then see if you can negotiate a 48 hours return policy, this will give you enough time to set it up and see if it works properly.

There are even possibilities to get free laptops by signing up to a mobile phone deals or opening bank accounts. These options may seem very tempting, but read the small print thoroughly and make sure you are not chaining yourself to long term contracts that will cost you more than the price of a laptop in the end!