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“Creativity is a natural extension to our enthusiasm.”

The mission of Communitycollegelife.com is to encourage creativity, education, and entrepreneurship among college students by providing an online market for the sale of handmade goods and other creative pursuits. We strive to support students in pursuing a creative passion and aid them in alleviating part of the financial pressures of higher education.

If you believe in the importance of education, the beauty of originality, and the freedom of creativity, then begin browsing the handmade and vintage items sold by students.

We are free for students! No fees, no commissions. So every dollar of your purchase will directly benefit the student.

We are the Experts

So what makes us the expert essay writers? Every time we hire an essay writer, we make sure they will be one hundred percent dedicated to our customers. Not only do our writers have incredible technical writing abilities, but they have a passion for this industry. Essay writing is hard, but for a select few it is a welcome challenge. We have scoured the labor pool looking for individuals such as these. We know that finding quality writers is absolutely key in producing quality essays. And quality essays are what allow our customers to reach their academic goals.

Our Promise

If you honor us with your essay writing project, we will promise to provide you with an excellent product. We promise never to give you a product containing plagiarized work. Our policy is every single sentence produced here is handcrafted original product. You never need to worry about potential academic consequences.

If you hand us your assignment, we will completely focus our time and energy to see it through completion. This means that we will catch all the little details which make or break grades. This is absolutely essential when it comes to proofreading essays. Prior to reaching our customer, our skilled writers diligently comb through the entire essay looking for even the smallest grammatical or spelling errors. This means that you will be able to rest easy about the mechanics of your essay.

The idea for College Canvas began on the University of Georgia campus the fall of 2018 and was officially launched in January 2019. The site was made by students for students.

Students can sell. Anyone can buy.

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